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Mosquito protection measures
The mosquito

The mosquito species responsible for the malaria transmission to humans is the Anopheles one. 
Thera are for growing stages in the life of a mosquito: egg, narva, pupa and adult mosquito. The immature forms (eggs, larvae and pupae) are aquatic; they prefer backwater as their breeding sites.
Larvae live for about 1-2 weeks, while adult mosquitoes live for about 20-40 days (depending on temperature and humidity levels).
The flight radius of Anopheles mosquito does not exceed 2-5 Km, even though strong winds can sweep it up to 30 Km away.
The peak hours of the day -when Anopheles mosquitoes become more active- are from dusk till dawn.

Protection measures:

There are two main goals:

  • decreasing mosquito-human contact
  • diminishing -probably infected- mosquito population

 These measures have three directions: the community, the house and the individual.

Protection measures - community:

  • eliminating standing water
  • larviciding
  • adulticiding
 Protection measures - house:

  • eliminating standing water (pots, baquets, tires, etc.)
  • screening doors/windows
  • air-condition/fan use
  • vaporizing mats/liquid vaporizers/mosquito coils use
  • bednets

Personal pretection measures:

  • long sleeves - long pants
  • mosquito repellents (extra care during peak hours of the day)
  • bednets (especially in children)
  • regular showering

Protection measures for travelers to endemic countries

Through the following link, you can find all the information you need:

CDC - Malaria and Travelers

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