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MALWEST consists of seven (7) work packages (WP). The main actions of each WP are given below: 

WP1: Project coordination, result dissemination and web portal development
  • Establishment of coordination group specified in project management 
  • The kick-off meeting took place on 26-27 January 2012 in which associate partners participated and the final conference will take place at the end of the project. 
  • Web portal will be created for malaria and WNV. Web portal can be accessed by health professionals and public and it will include a restricted members’ area (password needed).  
WP2: State of the art report for WNV and malaria surveillance and control 

  • Bibliographic review on spread of WNV and malaria, mode of transmission, preventive and control measures in Europe and other continents.
The state of the art for WNV will have the following structure:  
Introduction related to virus
Existing epidemiological data all over the world, in Europe and Greece 
WNV transmission cycle  (birds, mosquitoes, equine, human)
Diagnosis and treatment in humans
WNV prevention and control (preventive measures for humans, mosquito management plan, equine vaccination)
WNV surveillance
Risk assessment (GIS for WNV)

The state of the art for the malaria will have the following structure:
Introduction regarding malaria
Existing epidemiological data last three years (malaria recurrence, malaria cases in Greece last three years)
Diagnosis and treatment in humans
Bibliographic review on malaria (maps related to disease spread in Greece)
Malaria prevention and control
Malaria surveillance (mosquitoes, humans)
Risk assessment (GIS for malaria)

WP3: Study on presence, seasonal variation and spatial distribution of mosquitoes and design of an Integrated Mosquito Management plan
  • Mapping mosquito habitats on high risk areas 
  • Identification of mosquito species on high risk areas related to WNV and malaria transmission
  • Study on Anopheles spp. behaviour in the Regional Union of Lakonia
  • Creation of thematic maps related to mosquito species populations
  • Evaluation of insecticide toxicity and mosquito resistance 
  • Basic principles of integrated mosquito management plan in high risk areas
  • Culex pipiens genetic analysis 

WP4: Domestic/wild bird and equine surveillance of WNV
  • Study on ecology of wild and domestic birds which are WNV vectors
  • Detection, quantitative determination and molecular typing of WNV in wild birds and equine
  • Study on seroconversion and antibody detection in domestic bird species 
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

WP5: Seroepidemiological studies on WNV and malaria

  • Seroepidemiological study on WNV
  • Immigrants screening – seroepidemiological study on malaria antibodies control in the Regional Union of Lakonia
  • Infection incident assessment and risk assessment of population in Greece
  • Development of preventive and control measures of WNV and malaria

WP6: Enhanced surveillance for human cases

  • Diagnostic capacity improvement of WNV and malaria
  • Blood samples taken from human exhibiting symptoms of both diseases
  • Laboratory diagnosis of both diseases   
  • Phylogenetic analysis of malaria cases and correlation among cases, epidemiological data and mosquito surveillance

WP7: Targeted intervention activities for WNV and malaria
  • Health promotion campaigns for health professionals regarding prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria
  • Campaigns for microbiologists regarding prevention and diagnosis of malaria
  • Awareness raising information material for malaria and WNV which will be translated and disseminated in public 

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