Kick off meeting


On 26-27 January 2012, the kick off meeting took place with 77 participants. Twenty six (26) participants belonged to the collaborating partners of the project, while 46 were coming from organizations or institutes directly connected to the project objectives (Ministry of Health, Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Médecins sans Frontières, regional hospitals). In addition, five European experts were invited to share their experience and knowledge concerning malaria.





14/02/2012 – The editorial team of malaria and West Nile virus State of the Art decided the structure and the contents of the two manuscripts. Also, the GIS working group took part in this meeting clarifying what kind of software and data should be obtained.


07/03/2012 – The meeting had to do with the coordination, scientific and financial management of the programme. One of the main subjects was the geographical depiction of the breeding sites and the populations of mosquitoes as well as the data collection (e.g. meteorological data)


16/05/2012 - The main subjects were the web portal planning and the surveillance of mosquitoes, equines, birds and humans.


11/07/2012 – In this meeting the State of the Art editorial team participated. The main goal was the completion and the configuration of the manuscripts.


29/08/2012 – The meeting had to do with the discussion of the up-to-now surveillance data (mosquitoes, birds, equines, humans) and the next interventions planning.


26/09/2012 – The meeting included the mosquito surveillance, the State of the Art writing and the GIS progress.


28/09/2012 – The meeting had to do with the framework of the collaboration of MalWest project with the Laboratory for Spatial Analysis, GIS and Thematic Cartography of University of Thessaly.


21/11/2012 – The main subjects of the meeting were the project progress and the mosquito surveillance results.


13/02/2013 – The meeting had to do with the project progress and the publications planning


22/05/2013 – The main subjects of the meeting were the project progress, the mosquito – equine – bird surveillance planning for 2013 and the publications progress


20/06/2013 – The meeting had to do with the framework of the collaboration of the MalWest project with the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Applied Biology of University of Crete. 

25/09/2013 - The main subjects of the meeting were: the project progress, the publications progress, the malaria manual publication progress and the enquiry for extension of the MALWEST project.

Final Workshop


On 24-25 February 2014, the final workshop took place with 116 participants including the collaborating partners, organizations and institutes connected to the programme and seven experts from Europe and America that came to share their knowledge with the participants. The main goals of this meeting was the presentation of the results of the programme, the awareness concerning new information concerning malaria and West Nile virus and finally the organization of the interventions and actions that will take place should the programme be prolonged for the period 2014-2018. 

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