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MALWEST Deliverables (D) of each WP are given below:

WP1: Project coordination, result dissemination and web portal development

  • D1.1: Interim technical report
  • D1.2: Final technical report
  • D1.3: Interim financial report
  • D1.4: Final financial report
  • D1.5: Minutes of working group meetings
  • D1.6: Progress report per activity per leader in the middle and at the end of the project
  • D1.7: Internal evaluation report
  • D1.8: Kick-off meeting minutes
  • D1.9: Minutes of the final conference
  • D1.10: Web portal

WP2: State of the art report for WNV and malaria surveillance and control

  • D2.1: State of the art for WNV and malaria

WP3: Study on presence, seasonal variation and spatial distribution of mosquitoes and design of an Integrated Mosquito Management plan

  • D3.1 Report regarding mosquito species and geographical distribution
  • D3.2 Mapping of mosquito habitats
  • D3.3 Mapping of spatial distribution of different mosquito species 
  • D3.4 Article related to presence and variation of important mosquito species in Greece
  • D3.5 Report of survey findings related to Plasmodium and WNV detection in mosquitoes and genetic analysis of Culex pipiens

WP4: Domestic/wild bird and equine surveillance of WNV

  • D4.1 Results report related to ecology survey of wild and domestic birds which will be potential WNV vectors
  • D4.2 Results report related to detection, quantitative determination and identification of WNV in wild birds and equine
  • D4.3 Results report regarding survey on WNV pathogenicity in wild and domestic birds and equine
  • D4.4 Results report regarding seroconversion survey on domestic birds

WP5: Seroepidemiological studies on WNV and malaria

  • D5.1 Two study protocols, one for seroepidemiological study for WNV and one for malaria
  • D5.2 Report of seroepidemiological study for WNV
  • D5.3 Report of seroepidemiological study for Plasmodium detection to immigrants come from malaria endemic countries 

WP6: Enhanced surveillance for human cases

  • D6.1 Results report of WNV and malaria cases diagnosis in humans and analysis of them

WP7: Targeted intervention activities for WNV and malaria

  • D7.1 Publication of awareness raising information material
  • D7.2 Programme of health promotion campaigns related to WNV and malaria
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